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ADEX Holding Group

was established on the basis of careful planning and implementation, with the use of experts and professionals in the planning,management and implementation of projects and programs through the following three main goals:

  • Recruiting highly qualified professionals in the implementation of its business activities.
  • Diversifying investment opportunities according to well-established standards and business principles.
  • Forming strategic partnerships with both private and public institutions.

Accordingly, ADEX has conveived its vision, derived its mission, and adopted a set of business values that governs its work practices and operations.


owns and operates the following specialized companies:
  • ADEX Training & Education Company
  • ADEX Contracting, Maintenance and Operations Company
  • ADEX Real Estate Company
  • ADEX Company for Communications and Information Technology
  • Smart Future Company for Information Technology
  • Al-Mutamar Company for Exhibitions and Events Management

ADEX Participates and cooperates with a number of acclaimed national and international institutions. ADEX abides by the established rules of business and investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ADEX Holding Group has established three more companies and is now constructing their administrative and financial frameworks as well as contructing strategic coalitions with the related companies in their related sectors. These companies are as follows:

  • ADEX Company for Mdeical Services
  • ADEX Company for Aviation Services
  • ADEX Company for Oil and Gas Services

By establishing these companies, ADEX Holding Group has founded a group of companies that complete each other through working in different activities. Through these activities, ADEX Holding Group as a whole expands its investments in almost every productive sector. Consequently, ADEX Holding Group will always remain in the rightful place and that is its vision ever since the business foundations were laid.